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With the right key words and phrases, PPC can achieve a rapid increase in traffic to your site and because you only pay for an ad once it’s clicked, it’s easy to manage costs too.

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PPC Company Cambridge

How it works…

By improving your sites ‘quality score’ and successfully bidding on certain phrases you can create ads that appear when someone searches for your phrase (these are the list of ads you see on the top and to the right of Google’s organic list of results).

If you’re the highest bidder and you have a high ‘quality score’ you’ll go to the top of the list, only being charged when someone clicks on your ad and gets through to your site.

PPC Company Cambridge

Guiding you towards higher returns

If you’re new to Pay-Per-Click we can set up your PPC account and get you started. Working to your budget we’ll design a campaign based on sound keyword research and an understanding of your targets’ search behaviour. Changing the time of day an ad appears (or even the day itself) can have a dramatic impact on results.

If you’ve already set up your PPC account but disappointed with your return, Unity Media will show you how to improve your click-through rates without necessarily having to increase your budget.

PPC Company Cambridge

A value-for-money PPC strategy

By identifying affordable, relevant keyphrases and words we’ll help you create a specifically targeted high converting campaign, that will achieve the right balance between higher cost bids and low bids that place you too far down the list. We’re highly experienced in conducting PPC and SEO campaigns and bring extensive knowledge of strategies that work.

PPC Company Cambridge

Better clicks, better leads

If you’re paying for clicks you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the right visitors, which is why a well-written ad is vital. Even when your bid doesn’t get you right to the top, compelling copywriting will bring more (and better qualified) clicks your way. Take advantage of our proficiency in crafting messages that entice and encourage stronger leads.  We will advise you on changes to the calls to action on your website design to help you maximise enquiries.

Ask us to prove it…

With PPC there’s nowhere to hide poor results. In a very short time we’ll show you how your budget’s performed. This way you can test us with a small investment first and get the reassurance our PPC campaigns will work for you.

Email or call us on 01473 530105 for a quote or to find out more about our PPC, social media or web design service.

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PPC Company Cambridge
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PPC Company Cambridge

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  • The top three paid listings get around 40% of click-throughs

  • 25% of PPC clicks are projected to come from mobile devices in 2015

  • A dedicated landing page (a specific page on your site for your ad to link to) typically results in a 25% increase in conversions