Unity Media - The Theory of Juice Transferal

The Theory of Juice Transferal

The Theory of Juice Transferal

The Theory of Juice Transferal

Posted on May 24, 2015

The Theory Of “Juice” Transferal

What is it?

Link juice transfer is one of the main concepts needed to be understood before you start to delve into researching or undertaking any type of back link building work. coque samsung galaxy Strategies or ‘theories’ such as Link pyramids, Tiered linking and everything else use this theory as the way to measure link power.

The Old Days Of Link Building

Not too long ago, (a few years in fact!) when link building was the biggest factor in search engine optimisation. where the simple thing of having more links a site has coming in, resulted in a higher ranking on Google. As time went on, Google best casino reviews tweaked and updated its link ranking algorithms (the birth of the dreaded penguin!) Link building then became as much about the quality of your links as much as the quantity of the links, and now (in Unity Media’s opinion) is now more important to have quality over quantity!

Well How Does It Work?

When a site links to another website it transfers its “link juice” to that site. That in theory then increases its importance to Google. What should always be considered is not only does the link juice go to the site you’re linking to, it also goes to all the sites the they are linking to as well.

Example, say 1000 links go to Amazon,com, Then Amazon.com then links to microsoft.com The power or ‘Juice’ of those 1000 links then gets transferred from Amazon.com to microsoft.com

With ‘no follow’ links however, the link juice is removed from the link transfer. coque huawei nova pas cher thus the power of the link is taken away.

This is not to say the ‘no follow’ link are useless. there is evidence to say that these links still hold purpose, but only for certain high quality sites.


Backlink 1 is a ‘no follow’ link from wikipedia

Backlink 2 is a follow link from a low DA (Domain Authority) Site

Which has the best value? well, its wiki of course!

To consider the ‘no-follow’ tag a all mighty force that renders all links attached with it useless is to disregard all other link metrics such as:

Backlink Factors:

1. Linking Domain Age

2. PR (Page Rank) of Linking Page

3. Authority of Linking Domain

4. Social Signals of referring page

5. Linking Domain Relevancy

6. Page Level Relevancy

To put simply, the better ‘Quality link’ you get, the better. even if a ‘no follow’ link.