Unity Media - Again, he did this as a step to achieving eternal life

Again, he did this as a step to achieving eternal life

Again, he did this as a step to achieving eternal life

Again, he did this as a step to achieving eternal life

Posted on May 17, 2013

In East Asian, and especially Chinese, history, the main culprit for royal/imperial madness was not lead but mercury. coque huawei pas cher For complicated reasons http://porthkerris.com/real-person-fic-and-in-a-site-where-its-supposedly-forbidden/, the Chinese alchemists in particular insisted that mercury and its ore, cinnabar, were not only harmless, but key ingredients in any health tonic or elixir of immortality. Naturally, Chinese emperors were all about immortality, and so many an emperor was prescribed the elixirs. You read that right; Chinese emperors willingly ate or drank mercury to achieve immortality. What’s more, the alchemists were so sure that mercury was the key to eternal life that they did this for centuries, if not millenia. The first emperor recorded to have gone cuckoo bird after too much “immortality elixir” was the first emperor, Qin Shihuangdi, who started off a suspicious but fundamentally sound monarch but ended up completely paranoid after years of “treatment” with mercury containing “medicine.” He was also the first emperor to die from it, after he took pills containing pure mercury in 220 BCE. Again, he did this as a step to achieving eternal life.

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