Unity Media - Taken to ludicrous levels late game where some cannons are two

Taken to ludicrous levels late game where some cannons are two

Taken to ludicrous levels late game where some cannons are two

Taken to ludicrous levels late game where some cannons are two

Posted on May 27, 2012

Crapsack World: Lorule is this. It’s dark, gloomy http://premasree.org/if-you-are-not-meeting-all-of-the-requirements-it-is-still/, there’s gigantic chasms all over the place, and everyone is grouchy and miserable. Fortunately, this is undone when Lorule’s Triforce is restored. Cute Monster Girl: Oren the Zora Queen used to be this; her role as Adipose Rex is only shown because her Power Limiter is stolen.

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